Class State<T>Protected

Type Parameters

  • T = unknown


  • State


  • Type Parameters

    • T = unknown

    Returns State<T>


error: null | Error = null

If an exception was thrown while making the request, the error thrown will be here.

isRejected: boolean = false

True if the request has failed

isResolved: boolean = false

True if the request has succeeded

status: null | number = null

HTTP status code.

value: null | T = null

The resolved value of the fetch request


  • get isError(): boolean
  • true if the request throws an exception or if the request.status is >= 400

    Returns boolean

  • get isFinished(): boolean
  • true if the request has finished

    Returns boolean

  • get isLoading(): boolean
  • true if the fetch request is in progress

    Returns boolean

  • get isPending(): boolean
  • Alias for isLoading

    Returns boolean

  • get isSettled(): boolean
  • Alias for isFinished which is in turn an alias for isResolved || isRejected

    Returns boolean

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