Function helper

  • implemented with raw invokeHelper API, no classes from ember-resources used.

    Enables the use of template-helpers in JavaScript

    Note that it should be preferred to use regular functions in javascript whenever possible, as the runtime cost of "things as resources" is non-0. For example, if using @ember/component/helper utilities, it's a common p practice to split the actual behavior from the framework construct

    export function plainJs() {}

    export default helper(() => plainJs())

    so in this case plainJs can be used separately.

    This differentiation makes less of a difference since plain functions as helpers will be supported soon.

    Type Parameters

    • T = unknown

    • S = InferSignature<T>

    • Return = Get<S, "Return", unknown>


    • context: object
    • helper: T
    • thunk: Thunk = DEFAULT_THUNK

    Returns {
        value: Return;

    • value: Return


    import intersect from 'ember-composable-helpers/addon/helpers/intersect';

    import { helper } from 'reactiveweb/helper';

    class Demo {
    @tracked listA = [...];
    @tracked listB = [...]

    intersection = helper(this, intersect, () => [this.listA, this.listB])

    toString = (array) => array.join(', ');
    {{this.toString this.intersection.value}}

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