Function throttle

  • A utility that creates a resource allowing us to throttle execution of a function. Especially useful for rate limiting execution of handlers on events like resize and scroll.

     import Component from '@glimmer/component';
    import { tracked } from '@glimmer/tracking';
    import { use } from 'ember-resources';
    import { throttle } from 'reactiveweb/throttle';

    class Demo extends Component {
    @tracked _userInput = 'initial';

    // immediately returns 'initial', and all updates will be throttled
    // to update only after 100ms since the last value was detected.
    @use userInput = throttle(100, () => this._userInput);

    Type Parameters

    • Value = unknown


    • delay: number

      A zero-or-greater delay in milliseconds. For event callbacks, values around 100 or 250 (or even higher) are most useful.

    • callback: (() => Value)

      A function to be executed after delay milliseconds.

        • (): Value
        • Returns Value

    Returns Value

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